French and Parisian Props

French and Parisian Props

Our French and Parisian props “sont Les Meilleurs”. Meaning ours are the best. “I love Paris in the springtime,” sang Ella Fitzgerald. As well as “I love Paris in the fall…” And it’s easy to see why it is the city that inspired thousands of books and movies. So when the winter clouds lift and spring has truly sprung, it’s hard to beat sun-kissed Paris. And that brings the beau monde to pavement cafés.

With this in mind, here are four great ways to recreate Paris in the spring at your own event venue.


Of course, the Eiffel Tower is one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. For one thing, the tower was designed as the centerpiece of the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris. Specifically, to commemorate the centennial of the French Revolution and show off France’s modern engineering prowess on a world stage. Mission accomplished. And as our Eiffel Tower stands almost 10 feet tall, it is easily the most popular of our French and Parisian props.


Next, colorful blooms and our spring cherry blossoms are must haves when creating Paris with our French and Parisian props. Together with cherry blossom tress and a manicured garden scene, our Paris spring blooms add a sprinkle of color to the visual experience. Naturally, the pale pink cherry blossoms are a photo opportunity favorite. And you will find your crowd gathering as if they are truly in the Trocadero Gardens.


In the same way, create your fantasy Parisian local life with a “trip” to the city’s markets. Here you will find even more beauty. Spring is the perfect time to create a local French market. Included in our French and Parisian props are many vendor carts . We decorate them with seasonal fruits and vegetables for an authentic way to give your guests the local Parisian market experience. Offer a visit to a local farmers’ market for all the new-season fresh produce. Each Paris neighborhood has its own market. And your event can offer the same.

We’re proud that our French and Parisian props can bring the quiet beauty and romance of Paris to your event venue.

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