Windmill Props

Windmill Props

Windmill Props. Giant metal flowers, doing their dizzy dance. Courageous and strong. Turning air into power. So make like a kite and go with it. Or at least direct the sail. “Life’s much more fun if you just let it carry you” said the Windmill. And all of nature laughed in the sunshine!

Such is the importance of the windmill that there is even a National Windmill Day (11 May). Moreover, on festive occasions or national holidays, mills are decked out in flowers, garlands, figures of angels or the Dutch flag. Choose MCP Windmill Props to take your guests on a magical tour of Amsterdam. Likewise, celebrate wind energy and reducing your carbon footprint. At MCP we have the perfect windmill for you! Furthermore, you won’t even have to leave Atlanta to see this piece of Dutch heritage up close.

There’s a certain amount of serenity in watching a windmill. Just like the real thing, our windmill props stand tall and proud, blades turning peacefully, as if to remind you to slow down and smell the tulips.

Admittedly, when it comes to wind energy, we’re huge fans..

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