Gate Props

Gate Props

Open the way to your own personal paradise with our Gate Props. All types of gates here. And it is said you can open an iron gate with just a gentle word. Our gate props will take you to whimsical and secret places, where your dreams are hidden. Our props will create beautiful gardens for you and your guests to enjoy, just like the summer breeze.

Make your event garden a place to nourish both body and soul for your guests. Create a sanctuary space away from the busy cares of the world. Your event deserves an entrance that makes a powerful opening impression and what better way to do that than with impressive wrought iron, cottage or mansion gate props.

Our antique garden gates, made of wrought iron vary in styles from straight bars to the highly ornate. Our gate props have panels featuring fancy scrollwork and are super popular because they can be used both outdoors in your “garden” as well as for indoor gatherings. Old and heavy, our iron gates have hand-hammered decorative elements and that’s what makes them a favorite.

Our gate props convey a transition of spaces, and using an antique gate does exactly that while exuding romance, history and character. Moreover, their weathered patina means we can use them in a number of ways.

Our combination of gate props and arches will provide your event with a beautiful vintage garden feel, and you will feel like you’re in a fairytale every time you walk through.

So sit back, relax and enjoy your mint julep, or your lemon drop martini. And dream away.


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