Props Catalogue

Welcome to our Props Catalogue. We are the largest prop rental specialists and prop house in Atlanta, Georgia. Our Props are unique, stylish and exciting! Our set designs will amaze and delight. Movie Studios all over the South East use our props for their productions. We also serve Fortune 500 companies. We are definitely the experts when it comes to designing your theme party or corporate event. Moreover, our prop warehouse is over 45,000 square feet which means we can house a fully functional builder’s workshop.

Our Props Catalogue contains stage props, theatrical props and themes are all are uniquely different. Equally unique are our Carnival Props, vintage carny cutouts and tri folds. You won’t see these anywhere else. Nor will you see life size carousel horses, beautifully restored, anywhere else. Coupled with Ferris wheels and of course, hand made circus signs and tents.

In short, custom prop building and prop rental are our specialty and you can expect to be entertained!


** Please note that we have many more props and themes available. We are in the process of getting them all featured. Please call us if there is something you need but do not see in our catalogue. **