Plant Props

Plant Props

Nothing is easier to plan than a themed event with plant props. Meaning that you can simply focus your event on any aspect of the garden that appeals to you. Or any part of the world for that matter. A Hawaiian Luau, an English country garden or New York’s Central Park. Garden themes can range from fancy-dress banquets with guests showing up in Great Gatsby outfits to beautiful weddings with whimsical enchanted garden scenes.
Incorporate flowers and foliage into your plant props with our floral arch. This can also be used to create an altar for a wedding. Or it could be placed outside to form an entrance for an outdoor venue and it can be decorated with any bloom or color you choose.

Fresh flowers and plant props are a must when it comes to garden theme décor. Natural looking elements bring bright pops of color that make your table and overall décor stand out. Mix with faux topiaries or boxwood walls for texture. You can keep your celebration visually interesting with cohesive color. And  leave your guests intrigued.

Large plant props

Cherry Blossom Tree props are a perfect addition and can be used in range of styles. When Spring is upon us, so our cherry blossom tree props are in high demand. We have two different styles, both metal and dressed with pink cascading blossoms. Quite beautiful. The use of good visual aids, especially physical décor like plant props which people can hold and touch, is one of the best techniques for adding interest. Not to mention humor and variety to presentations, training, and public speaking.

People remember more of what they are told if the experience is multi-sensory. More than just listening to spoken words or reading printed words on a screen. Plant props have a physical presence, texture, feel, perhaps smell also, which can create powerful and memorable experiences.

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