Fifties Props

Fifties Props

As every decade is marked by crazy trends or timeless fashion statements, the fifties were no exception. Regarded by many as the “fabulous fifties,” the decade paved the way for a new era of fashion and entertainment. Here are some fabulous fifties props to consider for a blossoming fifties event. Join us to recreate some mid-century madness!


Kick off your fifties night with our fifties diner facade. Different from regular props, our fifties diner facade is as authentic as props get. Including diner booths and car hop flats, this set is the most popular of the decades. Likewise, a real working juke box. Our diner facade can be customized to fit your brand or the guest of honor. In addition, we dress this set with checkered diner furniture and a diner counter to bring it all together.And Grease fifties props make it an altogether rocking experience!


Fifties props also means baseball. Jackie Robinson started the process in 1947, but it really became an integrated sport in the 1950s. In reality, the Yankees dominated the fifties.

Accordingly, add some major league fun and turn your event space into a baseball diamond. In addition, add some bleachers and player flats. As well as spectacular baseball centerpieces for each table.


Alternatively, your venue can become the high school sock hop. Elvis, Fats Domino and Chubby Checker. We are the experts when it comes to turning your venue into he high school gymnasium with fifties props. Dance floor, juke box or live fifties band. Bleachers (again – those  pesky multi taskers) and show stopping fifties props and decor.

Obviously Grease is the word.

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