Nautical Props

Nautical Props

“Ahoy there mateys, we’ve got all the nautical props you need!” The tide never goes out with a nautical themed event.

You’ll have your own Pirates Party with the Black Throne (used in the second “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie no less) and you will love our sunken ship, which can be used as a multiform food buffet. Or simply an underwater treasure trove! Otherwise, choose nautical props that feature a giant pirate ship as your centerpiece, complete with pirate and parrot!

Your nautical props theme must of course, include an event entryway made up of submarine hatch surrounded by sunken treasure and sea legs swimming above. Relaxed and easy-going. The whole goal of this theme is to convey the feeling of the sea into an event space. It can be tangible, or abstract, depending on which nautical props you use and how you would like them presented. Based on a color palette of the sea, we use greens and blues, with layers of whites to suggest an ocean breeze. Moreover, our nautical props include weathered wood pylons, burlap and ropes that mimic a working dock. There’s a certain simplicity about a nautical theme that makes it a popular choice. Together with the colors of seas and sailboats, we will make an authentic splash around your event venue.

Of course, it takes a lot more than just a few anchors and treasure chests to create the perfect nautical mood. Ask our event designers about which nautical props and accessories best play the role of steering your theme. Choose from ship wheels, maps, ship’s deck and bridge to take your guests on the sailboat ride of the year.

You’ll see that’s where your success lies.

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