Lighthouse Props


Stand proud under the light of our beautiful Light House props. Play like a pirate in the shadows. Captain your own boat. Be the lighthouse keeper and the boats will find their way. Make like a Lighthouse and shine. Our Lighthouse props are the traffic signs of the sea. People love these beacons of light!

Generally, lighthouses have been beacons of civilization, architectural icons, symbols of human presence and safety, and navigational guides. They have also represented a rugged coastal lifestyle, protection, salvation, guidance, illumination, never-ceasing watchfulness, steadfast endurance, and helpfulness. With different colors and patterns, our Light House props represent illumination and guidance, as the focal point of your event space.

  • Giant Blue/White Striped Lighthouse: 12′ tall
  • Medium Black/White Striped Lighthouse: 4′ tall
  • Centerpiece “Nautical Nest” Lighthouse: 1′ tall