Car Props

Car Props

Our Car Props are all the horsepower you need for your next event! Especially if you are looking for Nascar!

Rally the crew and head out for a road trip. Car props guarantee a memorable night that will bring the driving experience to the ballroom. We have a range of car props, car photo ops. street props, street signs. gas pump props. Even roadways and highways! Put a new slant on your next corporate themed event with car props. By enticing your guests through the front door with a stunning highway entrance.

They won’t be asking “Are we there yet?” Mock billboards for the walls. Ads for tourist attractions. Road sign reproductions. National Park signs for camping or boating. Directional street signs pointing to the bar. And we finish off the look with model gas pumps and street lamps.

Or add some hilarity to your theme event with a themed trivia night. Questions about car movies. Or city streets. It’s a great way to bring teams together. You are allowed to be useless, that what makes it fun. Trivia games have become a staple of the way we entertain. We can reward ourselves for what we know, even if what we know is completely useless information. That’s why we flock to it. If there’s no benefit to knowing the important stuff, we might as well get a round of shots for the useless.

Our car props will spin your guests on all four wheels until the flag drops. Burn rubber, or be a spectator. Either way, you will be feeling the speed. Your next event will be a scorching success with a driving theme event and these fantastic car props.

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