Bridge Props

Bridge Props

Fantastic bridge props to decorate your next photo shoot or city themed party. Set the scene for an unforgettable  themed event with our Manhattan or London Bridge suspension arch. Uniquely, this black 3D bridge can be set with any graphic your heart desires. Or simply your company logo. One of our favorites was the Batman theme and our bridge props were the highlight of Gotham City.

Likewise, we can set a jungle theme for you using our rope and swing bridge props. Especially, perfect for your themed event entrance. Teamed with a forest jungle and army jeep, this is one themed entrance they never forget!

Together with city props, a city themed party can you take you wherever you want to go. For example, one minute you’re in London, the next you’re in Brooklyn NY. Not to mention fancy luau swing bridges, or a trip through candy land for something a little different.

With these in mind, step out of reality for the evening. Take a stroll across our bridge props into the land of make believe. The place where your imagination has the power to create a place in your mind where there are no limits. Its’ also the place where there is a sense of wonder and excitement. Not to mention that feeling of “what’s next?’ . It’s the place where the magic happens. And you won’t want to come back!

In short, sit back, relax and enjoy the bright lights of the city in your city themed party.

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