The first thing that catches the eye is the venue décor. It sets the mood of the event. Using a backdrop will allow you to style according to your theme. Most venues have blank uninteresting walls, zero visual appeal. Yet at the same time, they’re a blank canvas you can bring to life.

It’s also  well known that backdrops add a touch of elegance and enhance the décor. For indoor events and occasions, they also come in handy to hide the unsightly backgrounds. Flawed walls, and empty spaces which might otherwise dampen the charm of your event.

Classic backdrops are made of extra-wide muslin, canvas or cotton and work wonders. These materials provide a reliable surface for even light distribution if you are looking to use a custom gobo with your logo projected in a large space.

Special scenery backdrops are another great choice. Picture perfect and digitally printed from stock images. As crisp and detailed as you can get. An event stand out. Not to mention the visual statement of your event.

Backdrops vary in style and color. Understanding the basics of each type of background can seem quite intimidating. Which means there’s nothing for it but to give our event designers a call and take away that overwhelming feeling of “Which backdrop should I choose?”

Perfect backdrops are right here. Transform your event into an Asian Koi garden, a camping holiday or even a classic Broadway stage. And our fiber optic curtain is a must have for any Broadway set.

Sleep under the stars, read a book by the lake. Relax and unwind, the hard yards are done.