Event Entryways

Event Entryways

It’s important to start your event off on the right foot. You want your event entryway to excite your guests. Impressed from the very first moment they arrive.

In the first place, a spectacular theme will make your event a success. But don’t keep the theme inside the your event space. Showcase it at the entrance and outside your venue. Make the event entryway the focal point while they’re enjoying a pre dinner drink.

Of course, your attendees first impression will set the tone for the rest of the event. And with a themed entrance, you can make that impression a great one and start your event off on the right foot! Here are some great ideas so you can do just that.


Start with a bridge. Because bridges are symbolic. That is to say they are well known to represent hope. By going over the bridge, you will find yourself in a better place. Use a bridge to take your guests into your event. This is a great way to kick off a gala or fundraiser. Add plenty of foliage and some animal and jeep flats.


A great event theme is crucial to the success of your event. Often though, the theme is only obvious once you are inside the event. Take your theme out of the venue and into the grand entrance! Likewise, build scenes surrounding your entrance to fit your theme. If you are having a western themed gala, dress your entrance with a giant covered wagon, cactus and a western backdrop. For a real showstopper, we can use our saloon facade to give your guests the old west saloon experience as they enter.


Naturally, not all event entryways need to be so elaborate. Perhaps you would like to just light it up. We use color wall washes for this very purpose. These capture attention straight away. For example, well placed up lights and gobos work very well to achieve this spectacular look.


Of course, a spectacular event entryway is guaranteed when you use our giant props. These are a great photo opportunity and generate curiosity right off the bat.

Giant props are a great way to introduce your theme or brand. Most of ours can be customized to suit. For example, giant letters and numbers. Watch your guests line up to take photos with these fun entrance additions. Giant props as event entryways create a buzz for social media and are totally share worthy.

Ultimately, large or small,  keep your event entryway in line with your theme and you’ll definitely have a showstopper!