Love Props

Love Props

What better way to celebrate Global Love Day on May 1st than to host a love theme party, with these love props.

Global Love Day encourages individuals and organizations to host gatherings and celebrations inclusive of other cultures and social demographics. Say it with love props.

Furthermore, connect with new and different people. Good and right is occurring everywhere, despite what we see and hear through media. As a matter of fact, look for love and you will see it all around. In the same way, encourage that awareness to be the focus for your Global Love Day event. Host a gathering with our love props and connect with your colleagues and community. Put it out there at #GlobalLoveDay to help others quickly connect to this special day.

Let this day be the reminder that changes the nature of our experiences. Since we are what we place our attention on, allow love and acceptance to be your life’s focus. At the same time expanding this into your everyday activities. Choose love and love props. And you will see it’s as simple as changing each perspective. Allow limiting views to be replaced by a higher understanding.

Please join us. Be part of this global day by showing love, compassion, peace and unity, with our love props. Share with your friends and colleagues. Love locally and spread it globally. Make love the common vision.

Let’s celebrate humanity. If we change our perspective we can change the world, one sweet heart at a time.

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