Love Props

Even though most things are canceled, love isn’t. It is out of love we are observing social distancing. It is out of love, we are staying home. It is because of love, we are all finding innovative ways to stay connected.

Love is something you can’t always see, but it’s everywhere if you look for it.

It’s in the camaraderie at the grocery store. Comparing masks with strangers, agreeing that it’s hard to breathe in one. Saying “thank you for working” to the grocery store kings and queens.

It’s saluting the bus driver as he/she drives past. Acknowledging that person who is working to keep Atlanta on the move.

It’s nodding at the person walking towards you, while you both keep six feet between you as you pass.

It’s asking yourself who you are staying home for. Are you staying home for your Mom or Dad to lessen their risk? Are you staying home for healthcare workers to help reduce the toll on them? Who are you staying home for?

So please join us and be part of this global day by showing love, compassion, peace and unity. Share with your friends and colleagues. Love locally and spread it globally. Make love the common vision. Go one step further and connect with new and different people on every social media platform. Good and right is occurring everywhere, never more so than now. Let awareness to be the focus for your Global Love Day. Then put it out there at #GlobalLoveDay to help others quickly connect.

May this moment be the reminder that changes the nature of our experiences. Since we are what we place our attention on, may we allow love and acceptance to be our life’s focus. At the same time expanding this into our everyday activities. Choose love and you will see it’s as simple as changing perspective, thus replacing limiting views with a higher understanding.

So, when the party returns and we can all be together again, throw the biggest love event Atlanta has ever seen! A party like never before. We’re here, ready and eager to get going and we have all the love décor you can handle!

Finally, let’s celebrate humanity. If we change our perspective we can change the world, one sweet heart at a time.

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