Exhibition Stands

Exhibition Stands

It’s time to bring the cool factor to exhibition stands and do away with the boring table top or shell scheme setup. Include these engaging designs that won’t create a roadblock between you and your potential customers. Get your product off and running with these amazing ideas for exhibition stands to help you.

Exhibitions are a place to show creativity and in a highly competitive environment. Of course, quirky and cool is king, and you have the content to back it up. So, here are some amazing exhibition stands that you will want to see. As well as some exhibition strategy tips to kick it off.

Turn your Exhibition Stands into living rooms

Create an “at home” atmosphere to bring comfort to your attendees and immediately put them at ease when showcasing products. This concept helps guests imagine your brand in their home as well as seeing products live in action. Creating realistic event spaces such as this immediately appeals and can be incorporated into Exhibition Stands too.

Use lounge furniture

Providing lounge furniture supports networking and can be an excellent sponsorship option for your booth. Lounges are particularly welcoming during a long event day and become a great congregation point. In doing so, your booth will appear busier. And you will have more opportunity to interact with attendees. Simple bean bags, benches, a single sofa or even a meeting lounge with table and chairs can all provide the same benefits to your attendees.

Boxwood Walls in Exhibition Stands

They look awesome, you can do so many things with them. They add an element of nature into a very man-made setting. And of course, this adds to the aesthetic. It doesn’t have to be big and fancy and in many cases, boxwood wall panels can be kept very simple with just your logo or company slogan. Beautiful displays bring life to exhibition stands and are very eye-catching to attendees who often stop, ask about them or take photos.

Considering flair in your booth design and activities needs to be in line with your brand or message so that is what it is remembered. With this in mind, these cool ideas can get you noticed in an attendee’s mind and help leave an impression that overshadows the competition.

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