Portable Event Space Arch


Portable Event Space Arch

Our most popular portable arch or exhibition stand is the portable event space arch. This lightweight aluminum structure is covered with a tension fabric that fits snugly around the frame. And with curves that create a more interesting backdrop at an exhibition or a stage display.

Uniquely, the frame can be back lit internally or front lit with spots attached. Overall, this one  is an exceptionally flexible, professional and high impact display stand option. The Portable Event Space Arch can be adapted to larger back walls for award ceremonies or other presentations.

By and large, if you want an eye catching background, choose this guy. And it has multiple uses, features and benefits.

Exhibition Stand

The event arch acts as an excellent complement to an exhibition stand. Because the shape of the arch creates a sense of space that invites people in. By using our arch as an entrance portal, customers can actually walk through your message. So welcome them in a unique way! When customers step into your zone, they will immediately sense something special.

The curved shape is a standout. Of course, in a trade show environment you want to draw attention to a particular campaign or products. Place the arch over or next to these products to generate customers interest.

Pop Up Display Stand

With an event arch in a large space, you can create a pop-out effect and attract the attention of visitors. Perfect when you want to highlight a campaign or launch of a new product. We can easily move the event arch to any exhibition or ball room space. With that in mind, place the portable event space by the entrance to make visitors feel like VIPs. Similarly, you can place two arches midfield in a cross so that sponsors are visible to guests from every angle.  Or create a guest tunnel, putting full focus on your sponsor or team.

Additionally, use two arches together and create an attractive room within a room. With interchangeable graphics tailored to fit your campaign.

Ultimately, the portable event space arch is perfect for:

  • Conferences
  • Award ceremonies
  • Product launches
  • Promotional events
  • High-end corporate events