Props by Decade

Props by Decade

Using our props by decade is a  great way to celebrate your customers and colleagues. They’ll love dressing up for the specific look of the era. All you need is to choose your favorite generation to create a memorable occasion.

A popular idea using our 50’s props is to combine the vintage look from that era, like a sock hop, burger drive through. Just as you can give your guests the option to choose and come as their favorite era.

So to get your creative juices flowing, we have put together our best 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, & 90s props by decade ideas. Whether you are celebrating a year, date or age, we’ve dug up the party-friendly highlights in trends, fads, icons, music, TV, movies, people and fashion from each decade from 1920-2000.

Props by Decade – our Roaring Twenties

Some of our roaring twenties props and theme ideas include gangsters and flappers in a speakeasy, a silent movie premiere or Gatsby with black and white grandeur. Take a moment to view our speakeasy prop makes a stunning entryway and sets the mood from the get-go.

In addition our props by decade selection includes fifties props, swinging sixties. and the psychedelic seventies! From Bill Haley to the Beatles and Bob Dylan, all your props are here. Backdrops, graphics, dance floors and more! If you’re planning a seventies party, don’t forget these favorites. Line Dancing, Hustling, and The Bump! The Bus Stop, YMCA and Nutbush City Limits. From our props by decade selection, we’ve got the spinning disco balls, psychedelic graphics and even go-go dancers!

We’ll even supply the dance moves but come on now, don’t pretend you don’t remember.