Medieval Props

Medieval Props

Visit the past with our Medieval props and bring yesterday’s stories to life. Then party like it’s 1312! Swords, armor, and chivalry are the only wing men you’ll need. Join the Knightly class, gather your cavalry and infantry elite. Seize the day and defend your castle! But remember the golden rule – Metal on color, color on metal. Lion, Bear, Boar, Dragon or Griffin. Your Medieval Props Coat of Arms can be anything you desire to fight this battle! Custom made with your company logo by our graphics department.

Medieval props bring the historic age of knights, castles and dragons to your event. Remember, in the beginning, dragons were associated with evil?. Rest assured, Gertie, our giant dragon isn’t. She isn’t the bearer of evil and misfortune. She’s large and scaly but she doesn’t breathe fire. She is, in fact, head of  MCP Medieval Props and she sits quietly behind our giant Raven’s castle. The protector of our brave knights in shining armor and the treasure chests located within. In fact, you might even say our Gertie is humane and generous!

Get creative with these Medieval Props, explore the age of chivalry, and the time when wars were common. Fancy yourself as a knight on horseback leading others to fight with whatever weapon they could afford! Our Medieval Props battle weapons include swords, pikes and pitchforks.

The Middle Ages and Medieval themes are in the public imagination so much more these days, because of all of us have that one friend who won’t shut up about Game of Thrones! So book our Medieval Props and make it the Game of Thrones event of a lifetime, memory your guests will never forget!

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