Champagne Wall Prop

Champagne Wall Prop

Hello Champagne Wall Prop. A surprise awaits as this wall hands you a glass of champagne as you enter. A personalized backdrop no home or event should be without. The perfect wedding prop. And guaranteed to entertain.

Doubling as a piece of art and photo backdrop, champagne walls have inserts from which human hands appear offering flutes filled with bubbly fun.  Guests are able to grab a drink as they walk into an event. Of course, champagne is the most popular as a wedding prop. But the wall can offer all sorts of other surprises. Even cards, frames or candles. Or perhaps casino fun money if its a Casino party you are going to throw. The brand opportunities are limitless.

Uniquely, our Champagne Wall is attended by costumed talent. Making it fully interactive.

For a personalized backdrop, we will customize the Champagne Wall prop with your brand as a step and repeat. Then we make you the winner with brand identification. Likewise, we can add your wedding initials or photographs to highlight the happy couple.  It’s because we want you to win. And your event to impress.  Seeing as that’s what we are about.

Or you can also keep it simple and just let it hand out the champagne. Either way, this personalized backdrop will delight and surprise your guests! It’s the friendly wedding prop you won’t be able to resist.

So create the perfect entrance for your guests with a champagne wall prop. And make your event mission statement “Grab a glass and go!!

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