Candy Land Props

Candy Land Props

Candy Land Props. Host an awesome Candy Land Theme Party.

Odds are you played the board game Candy Land.  That is, if you were a child at some point in the past 70 years

The game was invented by schoolteacher Eleanor Abbott. During the 40’s and 50’s the game of Candy Land offered a welcome distraction from the disease Polio. Immobilized, it gave the liberating fantasy of movement. That aspect of the game still resonates with people of all ages today.

Candy Land left behind the restrictions of the hospital ward. It took the young charges on an adventure that spoke to their needs. Likewise, it gave them an escape. Fueled their desire to move freely in the pursuit of delights, a simple privilege polio had stolen from them.

Every one of our Candy Land props either compels you forward or whisks you some distance to the next one. Each corner of your Candy Land Theme Party promises either the pleasure of easy travel or the thrill of unexpected flight.

These Candy Land Props will keep you permanently sweet! After all, life is like being in Candy Land. There are so many choices to make. You may run into Lord Licorice at times, but the end is always Candy Castle. You are guaranteed color and a whimsical experience when you book us to design and set your Candy Land Theme Party extravaganza. And you will discover that a journey through a chocolate covered countryside is just what your doctor ordered.

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