Circus and Carnival Props

Circus and Carnival Props. Your next Carnival Theme Party will be off the map! The best Circus and Carnival props are right here. From carnival carousels to ferris wheels and circus animals. With LED Circus signs and lights, clowns and carnival games. And then there are our animal cage facades. Not to mention magnificent carnival entryways with colorful circus tents. Why not book concessions as well? From popcorn and cotton candy machines, to nice cold slushies on a hot day. In the meantime, adults and kids will be having fun at the carnival booths. Our booths also come with an attendant if you prefer. Have someone help you choose your prize.

The circus allows you to be both logical and illogical at the same time. In the circus, everything is possible and that is where the magic lies.  Take a walk with a unicorn to find out. These props are our specialty and let’s face it, life really is just one tent away from being a full-on circus right?