Asian Props

Asian Props

Recreate Asia’s beauty with our Asian Props and Asian Theme Decor.

Experience her magic with our Asian Tori gates. Or a life size pagoda, together with a Japanese garden backdrop. We also offer beautiful Asian table design, for banquet settings. Not to mention Asian images for projection onto your feature wall.

Chinese New Year is China’s most important holiday. But it’s also a super fun excuse for throwing a big, colorful, boisterous company bash. One that’s steeped in symbol and tradition.

Chinese New Year custom is pretty much, everything red. It’s believed that this tradition derives from an ancient legend involving a beast called Nian (the name is a Chinese word for “year”), who was known to be terrified of the color red.

Red Asian props also symbolizes power, happiness and vitality, so we use it a lot. Accented with gold which represents wealth, good fortune and prosperity.

It is also a new year tradition to write messages wishing good luck, good fortune, wealth, prosperity and longevity. And to place those messages where people will find them. Our graphics team can arrange all of that for you, as an added touch and part of your Asian theme decor. It’s simple,yet effective.

Experience the rich culture of this far away land. Come join us for a once in a lifetime Asian experience. See the rich colors and breathtaking garden scenery showcased in our Asian theme decor. Sit beneath beautiful pagoda’s while you await your lavish banquet. Relax, it’s the year of the Rat. A year for new beginnings and good fortune.

Your event is our journey. Our Asian props are your destination!

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