Casino Parties

This is the Monte Carlo

Experience the thrill of putting $10,000 on red, and watching the wheel spin in anticipation. Whether its the classic casino games such as blackjack or baccarat, or the rowdy action at the craps table. Atlanta’s Monte Carlo has all the tools to bring the best casino to your event.

Casino Night!

How It Works

Guests receive $25,000 upon arrival. All casino table dealers double as cashiers and trade fun money for pristine clay chips, and then, the gambling begins! Take your turn rolling the dice, doubling down, or going all in.
At the end of the night, exchange your chips in for a chance to win fabulous prizes!

Dealer Uniforms

Each dealer arrives in bow tie, tux shirt, and black slacks. Included in pricing; (1) Dealer per table (2) Dealers per Craps

Clay CHips

Each dealer arrives in bow tie, tux shirt, and black slacks. Included in pricing;
(1) Dealer per table (2) Dealers per Craps

Fun Money!

Allow the MCP Graphics team to create custom play money for your event – put your logo, theme or fundraising goal on every bill!
*MCP fun money is included; custom is available for a nominal fee.

Prizes and Raffles

For every $10,000 in chips each guest has, they in exchange receive (1) raffle ticket. Uniformed dealers begin exchanging chips and funny money for raffle tickets 15 minutes prior to the end of play time. Drop your ticket in the gold raffle drum and cross your fingers!
*Client provides raffle prizes, MCP provides raffle tickets and raffle drum.

Decor & Lounge

From the red carpet to the iconic spots on the Strip, we have every prop imaginable to transform your event space into Las Vegas – or anywhere else you’d rather be.

Created For You!

Allow our design team to create a proposal geared specifically toward your event! Vegas Casino is just one of many themed events we regularly pull off. Gatsby – 20’s Prohibition, Carnival, James Bond, Under the Sea, and Superhero themed parties are favorites too.

Limitless CUstom Branding Opportunities

  • BARS

    Remind guests who paid for their drinks by displaying a custom graphic across the bar.


    (projected images) Project the theme or logo of your event across the wall – instant décor and fun lighting in one

  • LED

    wireless up lights change the color and feel of a room instantly.


    cocktail tables illuminated underneath spandex add a pop of color to the space.


    at 24’ in diameter, this is the only round dance floor currently in the south.


    are super trendy right now – light them up and splash custom wording across the panels.

Crucial Details

  • DJ

    Don’t forget about the DJ! A crucial part to this event, the DJ’s role is to get people excited and involved while keeping the rhythm of the night in sync with the crowd. We’ll also take care of explaining the casino games, rules, and even prizes… so relax!
  • Photo Booth

    Photo ops bring more fun to any party and make excellent guest favors. Our custom photo booth, that’s right, custom decorated to suit your event on the outside, prints on site and uploads to any social media.
  • Green Screen

    Also prints instantly and is great for entertaining large groups – choose multiple unique backgrounds and transform yourself to a new destination in ever print.

Allow MCP to design, create and execute your next event. If you don’t see it here, we may have it or can build it. Don’t hesitate with any questions!

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