Where Fun Brings Bigger Business: Atlanta Casino Parties

Casinos and Business are two terms that are used separately as the former is all about the game of chance while the latter is about calculated approach to managing money. Lately, the formula has evolved wherein the two, particularly the Atlanta Casino parties have been a growing in popularity. Casino Rentals that specialize in different services are brought into a corporate function, charity event and birthday or family celebrations in order to create the environment of an easy casual atmosphere with the added thrill of risk taking and fun.


Easily when a guest enters a casino themed party with the signage, mood lights, table linens and centerpiece arranged as if you were to enter a real casino, there is an excited reaction to the whole scene. Coming from an uptight and stressed setting in the real world, they are transported to a place where they leave all inhibitions behind and get into a more relaxed and easy mood. This is likely the best mindset for business networking and establishing contacts amongst the invited guests.


Companies looking to use the Atlanta Casino party into their business can do brand strengthening and recognition by: 


• Personalizing their name and logos into the fun money and clay chips


• Have the dealers and servers wear uniforms with the logo


• Give the raffle prizes courtesy of the company


While guests are given fun money which are exchanged for clay gaming chips, the organizers can likewise make money on the side.


· Sell entrance tickets and treat it like an event party


· Set an exchange rate for the fun money to be bought by cash


· Give a complimentary ceiling amount for each guest, and then set up a cashier to exchange cash for guests to buy more fun money.


· Sell raffle tickets that will allow guests to participate in an auction or raffle off an item at some point in the evening to generate more cash inflow.


· Selling liquor or drinks after the first complimentary glass.


As the whole centers around the Casino theme, the Atlanta Casino Party comes with complete casino equipment with a trained dealer for each game that can guide the guests as the play along:


· Blackjack Table
· Roulette Table
· Craps/ Dice Table


Other Party Rentals with the Casino theme that can generate extra income by selling game tokens for the guests to use the following:


· Photo Booths
· Video Games
· Arcade Games like the Pinball Machine


The casino themed party can never be complete without the usual entertainment for the guests to enjoy the evening. There are different talents that can be contracted to add to the festivities: 


· Party Disc Jock with music specified by the guest
· Vegas show girls
· Magic, Illusionist and Fire Shows
· Dance Instructors ready to pull the guests into the open spaced dance floor
· Singers and Standup comedians on stage


As the night ends, the business that needs to be promoted can be proud of entertaining their guests with the casino theme and be assured that a party such as this leaves a lasting impression to those who have attended.

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