Throwing The Best Carnival Theme Party For Adults And Kids

Parties should never be boring, but the wrong food, theme, and games will easily ruin it. Party planning takes more than just getting food and inviting a bunch of guests. Whether it is a party for kids, adults, or both, you want it to be fun, entertaining, and memorable. Check out these tips below to enhance your carnival themed party.


Finding the right carnival theme


It’s exciting to hunt around town to find the right carnival theme for your party. But, what is it that you want see in a party theme? You will want to rent items such as props, games, and posters to bring the theme to life. Monte Carlo Productions provides you with carnival props such as carnival entrance prop, baseball blow up, bending mirrors, a fortuneteller, and more.


They even provide props that entertain children such as a mini carnival food stand, a full-size train prop, and horse merry-go-round. With so many choices, there is no end to the possibilities of your carnival themed party.


Having the right food for the theme


Nothing brings a party down quickly like bland food. In fact, if you’re throwing a carnival themed party, you will need food that matches your carnival. Some of the most commonly served carnival foods include kettle corn, shaved ice, chicken or sausage on a stick, hotdogs, and more.


Many dessert carnival items such as mini pies, funnel cakes, and soft pretzels with chocolate are perfect for kids and adults. They also make the best desserts for a carnival birthday party. While you can make some of these items yourself, having them catered is much easier.


Fun carnival games


Stand out from the crowd by sticking with your primary theme and use carnival games to enhance the party. For instance, Monte Carlo Productions can provide you with games to make the party entertaining for adults and children. Games from MCP include big house baseball, clown beanbag toss, and quarterback toss.


The best part is, you don’t have to purchase each game individually as you would if you were buying these props on your own. Many of them are included in a packaged theme, and you do not have to worry about storing them in your home for a later time.




Make sure to invite guests that will enlighten the party and not crash it. Certain guests may have ill intentions and would prefer to destroy or ruin your carnival themed party. If you have a guest like this, it is best to leave them off the invite list. You do not want to have to pay for the carnival theme rental if a disgruntled guest of yours damages it.
No matter how you choose to throw your party, make it memorable with carnival themes for adults and children from Monte Carlo Productions.

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