Corporate branding

Monte Carlo wants your party to be remembered – and not just for the free booze – but we want your company message ingrained in every person that enters. Subtle marketing ploys go a long way, and our graphics team is specially trained to make sure we get your logo the exact way you want it!

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Brand your bar!


Take advantage of this golden opportunity – most every guest makes a trip to the bar, and they’ll be happy to see your logo reminding them of just where those free drinks are coming from.

Product wraps


A creative twist on typical company logo placement. Centerpieces are the most popular – but the sky is the limit!

Give credit where it’s deserved


Sponsorship boards are almost required for many events – make sure they are finished with perfection!

Logo Columns


These versatile columns make a huge impact from the entrance to center stage. Our custom vinyl appliques make it easy to put any logo, picture or text on these stylish columns!


Personalized Casino Money


Give a guest $5,000 with your company logo on it – they’ll most likely remember it!

Block Letters


Want everyone reading your sign – even from way back in the crowd? These life-size block letters are sure to do the trick!


Step and Repeat


This one keeps working even after the party has finished. Everyone will take their picture in front of the company logo, AND show all their friends? Genius.


Light up the walls


You’ll need lighting anyways- why not make it branded?




Having a grand opening? Need signage pointing to your location? For every size and occasion, we custom build high quality banners.