Casino Night Atlanta For Corporate Events

A casino night Atlanta can be a great corporate event or corporate fundraiser. Everyone loves a good fun evening of gambling, especially when it is donating to a good cause and not just losing their hard earned cash. You can take this even a step further than just a fundraiser and use it to brand your company in many ways that you couldn’t on a daily basis.



1. Dealers


Have real dealers for your event to bring your casino theme party to life. This will engage your visitors and get them to de-stress from the every day work that is included in their lives.



2. Equipment


If you are doing a corporate event or fundraiser you want to have authentic equipment for the games, not just card tables. One of the most known companies in Atlanta for these items is Monte Carlo Productions. Not only can you rent the equipment, but they will design the whole event for your company.



3. Themes


Decorate with a theme, real casinos are all about themes so to make it authentic decide what your theme will be and decorate accordingly. You could also hire a company to do the setup, decorating and clean up.



4. Fundraising


This is where it makes it the most fun for your guests, they are not losing any money they are donating to a good cause. You can choose to charge an entrance fee and give them a certain amount of chips, or have free entrance and charge for chips. For a fundraising event you want to have a few prizes to give to the high winners and maybe a raffle drawing to raise even more funds.



5. Budget


Plan your budget early, prioritize what you feel you really need first then use the rest for the luxury items. For a corporate event where you want to do company branding you will want to ensure your budget for your branding advertising.



6. Tipping


Guests should be allowed to tip the dealers and staff but do not expect that when you are hiring them. You should be offering a fair wage to your staff and if the guests tip them it is just for good service.



7. Food & beverages


You may not need to provide free food, but you will want to offer at least some soft drinks or tea and coffee for your guests. You can also offer a cash bar if you want to serve alcohol but do not want to foot the bill for it. If you do offer a cash bar you will need a bartender and have to check IDs for the local drinking age.



8. Hire a company 


You can hire a casino party event company to do it all. An event company can take care of every detail, even your branding ideas.

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