5 Corporate Event Design Ideas

Some people might say that a party is just another party. But when you add a certain design or theme to the event, then the party becomes one of a kind and it might be hard to stop and leave. It starts with the lighting to set the mood, the decoration to tantalize, the centerpieces to make it interesting and the table design to bring it all together. Incorporate all of that in a single room and it’s like another world concocted by Houdini.



In need of a corporate event design that’ll take your guests to another world? Here are some corporate event design ideas that would leave anyone wanting for more.



1. Hollywood Night


Nothing is more fun and entertaining than having everyone dressed to impress. Red carpets and gold stars can be installed to add glamor to the room. With everyone dressed so nicely, it’ll be easy to put everyone in a good mood.



2. Hawaiian Luau


No matter what people say, a luau is never over done. The thought of being in a tropical beach, sipping mai tais and wearing your borrowed Hawaiian grass skirt would leave anyone whispering “Mahalo” to the hardworking event organizer. There’s nothing more cordial and festive than handing out leis to your excited guests and welcoming them with a warm “Aloha”.



3. Roaring Twenties


It was the era of the flappers and the proliferation of jazz music. Think Great Gatsby and the set design is more pizzazz that will wow any of your guests. Plush lounge seating can be provided to add comfort for the executives and a raised platform for the presenter for better visibility. Add some jazz music with an excited crowd and you got yourself a roaring party.



4. Sporty Night


If you’re looking for a laid back night, a sporty themed party might just do the trick. A court can be set-up in the room with a hoop to emulate a basketball court. Guests can wear their favorite basketball star jersey while they go around the room filled with sporty designs.



5. Superheroes and Villains


Your guests might enjoy themselves a little too much once they attend a party themed “superheroes and villains.” Playing either the good guy or the bad guy brings out the kid in anyone. Add some Batman lighting and some Superman red into the room – these will surely excite your guests. If your guests aren’t having fun, don’t worry. It could just be those tight super-hero suits making them uptight.


  Any of these corporate event design ideas can bring life to your party. Not only will it bring your guests together and share a fun event, but it will also provide them a chance to get to know the company and the executives.



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