5 Amazing Corporate Holiday Theme Party Ideas

If you are searching for fun and festive corporate holiday party ideas, here are five different themes that will get your group into the spirit of the holidays. These five themes are just the beginning of what is possible, but they are perfect for corporate holiday celebrations.


Masquerade Ball


Masquerade balls are a formal type of event and require very specific decor and food to set the mood.


Menu – The food for a masquerade themed ball should be light finger foods, passed hors d’oeuvres, and appetizers. This allows you to keep the food extravagant, but will prevent guests from hovering over a buffet table instead of dancing.


Entertainment – There should definitely be a dance floor at this type of event. You will want a string quartet, small orchestra, or small singing group to provide the music.


Colors – Forgo the traditional reds and green color theme typical of the season for purple and gold.


Santa’s Workshop


This is a charity themed event and you can ask that guests bring a toy to donate.


Menu – For this type of event any type of appetizers, salads, entrees and side dishes can work. You should also consider having a selection of cookies since your guests would be the elves filling Santa’s sleigh.


Decorations – The venue should be decorated like Santa’s workshop with wreaths, lights, garland, and a Christmas tree. You could also rent a sleigh for guests to place their toys in when they arrive.


Entertainment – A children’s choir singing carols after dinner would be a good choice for the entertainment for this type of party.


White Christmas


This type of holiday theme party is very sophisticated and can be used if you desire an extremely formal event.


Menu – Not all of the foods served need to be white, but light color foods will look the best. Keep in mind that you will be requesting that your guests wear white, so do not serve messy foods or foods that could stain guests’ fingers. White drinks should be feature as well. Some ideas are eggnog, white Russians, and white cosmopolitans.


Entertainment – This would be a good venue for an a Capella group to sing to your guests.


Decorations – Decor should be white everything. All of the china, linens, chairs, Christmas tree, and centerpieces should be white. You could use some silver accents to add more sparkle.


Christmas Circus


This theme is dazzling, and can be as formal as you desire.


Menu – Food can be set up in stations, and should feature a selection of gourmet circus foods. Stations with popcorn, roasted peanuts, and cotton candy should be set up throughout your venue. If you want to serve a more robust menu, you can have finger food stations as well. Foods such as mini burgers and chicken fingers can be as dressed up or dressed down, as you like.


Decorations – This will most likely consist of many red decorations, and long draperies to make the space feel like a circus tent.


Entertainment – This is the most important part of this theme. You will need to have a series of acts that include things like clowns, tumblers, and juggling. You could also have roving magicians and jugglers to entertain when the main show is on a break.


Holidays Around the World


This party theme is a highlight of holiday traditions around the globe.


Menu – This would include food stations with holiday treats from around the world. Many countries celebrate winter holidays, or you can serve traditional cuisines from different parts of the world without making the food holiday themed.


Decorations – Choose holiday decorations from any countries that celebrate Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanukkah.


Entertainment – Consider hiring entertainers who specialize in one countries type of song or dance, or you can hire several entertainers to perform a variety of cultural acts.


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